Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or in combination as part of a complex mouth restoration or to help give a denture better retention.

All patients having implant treatment with Surgical Dental Services, will need 3D dental scan from their referring dentist. We utilise the latest computerised planning and 3D guide printing technology, to plan our implant surgeries to achieve the ideal implant placement. The benefit of computer-simulated surgical planning is to achieve a screw-retained crown design which is now well- documented in dental implant research as the ideal implant to crown connection.


By connecting the crown to the implant without dental cements in the mouth, the implant- crown is retrievable for maintenance and changes (eg connection to additional implants), and implant crown is screwed directly to the implant as one piece, improving longevity and easy maintenance of the final crown.


We use globally available implant brands Straumann®, Dentsply Astra®, Nobel Biocare®, Southern®, Osstem® and MIS®. We use genuine screw and components to ensure you have exact precision fit between the implant and the final crown.